Scandinavian Gem Academy

Gem Identification #2 - Practical Class

The Gem Identification #2 workshop is held over five days and will cover the following 'compulsory' gemstones based on colour and transparency. Study stones will include both faceted and cabochon cut gemstones.

Blue Violet & Purple Brown Black Unusual & Phenomenal
Sapphire Sapphire Tourmaline Natural Diamond Star Sapphire
Spinel Spinel Smoky Quartz Hematite Star Ruby
Tanzanite Tanzanite Hessonite Garnet Cubic Zirconia Star Almandite Garnet
Tourmaline Amethyst Quartz Chrysoberyl Marcasite Bi-Colour Tourmaline
Aquamarine Iolite Andalusite Jadeite Ametrine Quartz
Topaz Scapolite Jet Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl
Zircon Lab-created Quartz Chalcedony Cat’s-Eye Quartz
Lab-created Spinel Sugilite Coral Black Opal
Iolite Charoite Crystal Opal
Apatite Semi-Crystal Opal
Lapis Lazuli Labradorite
Sodalite Moonstone
Turquoise Shell Cameo
Stained Howlite Hardstone Cameo
Imitation Cameo

Optional Stones by Colour Grouping

Depending on where this class is held, students will also have access to a wide variety of 'optional' gemstones including:


Benitoite, Taafeite, Kyanite, Idocrase, Euclase, Smithsonite, Quartz, Lab-created Forsterite, Jasper, Gilson Lapis Lazuli, Gilson Turquoise, Odontolite, Serpentine, Chrysocolla.

Violet & Purple

Grape Garnet, Taafeite, Rhodolite Garnet.


Idocrase, Ekanite, Sinhalite, Kornerupine, Petrified Wood.


Pyrite, Sapphire, Spinel, Tourmaline, Bakelite, Dyed Jasper, Obsidian.

Unusual & Phenomenal

Star Diopside, Lab-created Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl, Cat’s Eye Tourmaline, Hawk’s Eye Quartz, Tiger’s-Eye Quartz, Bi-Colour Tanzanite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Usambara Tourmaline, Trapiche Emerald, Bloodstone, Tortoiseshell, Lava Cameo, Ammolite, Fire Agate, Larimar, Malachite.

Please Note:

Classes run from 11.00am to 2.00pm and 3.30pm to 6.30pm with scheduled coffee/tea breaks of 15 minutes.

All equipment will be provided by the 'Host' Academy.

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Course Cost: 500 Euros