Scandinavian Gem Academy
Gem Identification

Gem Identification Course


Basic & Advanced Gemmology or equivalent



Course Objective

Unlike other programs, this course takes a more practical look at the identification of gemstones based on colour and transparency. Each colour grouping is further divided into gemstones that fall above or below the range of the refractometer, are singly or doubly refractive, uniaxial, biaxial or non-crystalline, and phenomenal or unusual in appearance.

Topics Covered Include

Introduction to gem identification and the tests that are commonly used to identify gemstones. An in-depth look at each of the ten colour groupings (colourless or white, red, pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet or purple, brown, black or grey) plus phenomenal or unusual gemstones. Important varieties and species of gemstones that commonly occur within each colour grouping. How to distinguish gemstones that are commonly confused with each other (i.e. aquamarine and blue topaz, emerald and chrome tourmaline, diamond and lab-created moissanite) or have physical and optical properties that are similar (i.e amethyst quartz and purple scapolite). All lab-created, imitation, treated and enhanced gemstones that are found in each colour grouping.

Course Cost: 225 Euros